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Tempte Xynthia Fire Department Accident | Sapeurs Pompiers de Charente-Maritime

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  1. Tempte Xynthia Fire Department Accident | Sapeurs Pompiers de Charente-Maritime
    Image by Appelez moi thibal
    Accident dun vhicule des pompiers suite linnondation de la route au lendemain de la tempte Xynthia qui a balay louest de la France dans la nuit du 27 fvrier 2010

    Fourgon-Pompe-Tonne sur Chassis Renault Midliner S170 , Sapeurs Pompiers de Charente-Maritime, site officiel SDIS17
    Tempte Xynthia, Port de Lauzires Nieul-sur-Mer, Charente-Maritime, France, Dimanche 28.02.2010

    Licence Creative Commons (cc) TC | Rappel, cette photo est libre de partage selon les conditions de Paternit et de non-modifications

  2. #93 – The Accident
    Image by JohnONolan
    Oh no! The troops needed to eat today to keep their morale up, but there was a terrible accident with some eggs! Poor little green bastards.

    I curse myself for forgetting to take a setup shot, cause it was actually a pretty cool one.

    [Explored - #91]

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    YN460II on 1/32nd power in to umbrella, camera left.
    YN460II on 1/64th power with snoot, behind subject, left, providing rim-light on other soldiers.

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