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Leica D-Lux 4 with accessories – Field to Forex News

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  1. Leica D-Lux 4 with accessories

    Image by Nokton
    After getting the Lumix LX3 in August 2008, I ‘upgraded’ to the D-Lux 4 in October. Both cameras are largely identical. The D-Lux-4 has a different RAW format that can be handled by Capture One versus the LX3 that comes with Silky Pix editor, which is rather slow. Now Adobe has released converters to DNG, it really is not too relevant any more. Obviously both cameras are styled slightly different.

    The Leica case is for the D-Lux-3. I modified it a bit so the D-Lux 4 fits better by removing side padding and cutting a hole in the bottom. The D-lux-4 case is now availble, but is a bit more bulky, while the D-Lux 3 case is more useable to my taste. The Lumix LX3 case fits as well, though it’s a bit loose around the grip as it is styled for the LX3 grip.

    The view finder is an original 21mm view finder. The 24mm actually is a bit smaller then what the lens sees, and the 21mm seems to be a better fit. The other view finder is a 50mm vintage view finder – this is useful when shooting in 60mm zoom mode.

    The wide angle converter is the Panasonic wide angle converter for the LX3. It is fully compatible, except that the D-Lux 4 has no menu option to recognize the wide angle converter.

    The filters are a Kenko 46mm circular PL filter and a Kenko 46mm ND-4 filter. These filters are a bit cheaper than the Panasonic branded ones.

    The tripod is the Leica mini tripod. The flash shoe protector is a Nikon part (BS-1).

    View On Black

    Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

    See pictures taken here:

  2. Sainte Thrse, Jeanne d’Arc au Muse du Carmel de Lisieux (France)

    Image by marc dan
    Le parcours Thrsien, ancienne Salles des Reliques, Muse du CARMEL de Lisieux (France ) version / updated 2011 fvrier / February 21 – l’tendard n’est plus present / the standard is no longer presented > # I -

    Les deux heures de rcration quotidiennes sont agrmentes, lors des grandes ftes, de pices de thtre joues avec entrain par les soeurs. Thrse en a crit huit, dans lesquelles elle exprime ses penses avec beaucoup d’amour, pour la joie de ses soeurs.
    Costume confectionn et port par Thrse.
    Deux des pices de Thrse sont consacres Jeanne d’Arc, o elle interprte le rle-titre : La Mission de Jeanne d’Arc (1894) et Jeanne d’Arc Accomplissant sa Mission (1895). Au fil de ces compositions, on retrouve souvent des passages chants, sur des mlodies en vogue.

    ./… Ces huit pices rcratives, composes pour les ftes communautaires, sont loin dtre ngligeables ; elles compltent par maintes touches indites le portrait de la jeune sainte, prcisent son itinraire et enrichissent son apport doctrinal. Dans ces dialogues des carmlites , plaisants et graves tour tour, on dcouvre entre autres Thrse jouant son rle de matresse des novices, mettant en scne le triomphe de la Misricorde sur la Justice, sidentifiant Jeanne d Arc dans le mystrieux pressentiment dun destin analogue, mesurant la profondeur de lincroyance, actrice elle-mme dune pice qui redoublera son preuve de la foi, annonant enfin sa mission posthume.
    > Rcrations Pieuses : La Mission de Jeanne d’Arc – Jeanne d’Arc Accomplissant sa Mission textes pdf & rtf, photos du Carmel, livre audio.

    Saint Therese as Joan of Arc
    The two hours of daily recreation time were highlighted on Feast Days, by theatrical presentations performed in a lively fashion by the Sisters. Therese wrote 8 plays in which she expressed her thoughts with much love for the enjoyment of her Sisters.
    Costume created and were by therese
    Two of Therse’s plays are centered on Joan of Arc, in which she played the title role: The Mission of Joan of Arc (1894) and Joan of Arc, carrying out Her Mission (1895). Thorough out the course of these plays, you often find passages that were sung to the melodies of the times.

    ./… These eight recreational pieces composed for community celebrations are far from negligible; they supplement by many touches unprecedented the portrait of the young saint, specify its itinerary and enrich its doctrine contribution. In these "Carmelites’ dialogues", pleasant and serious by turns, one finds among other Therese playing her role as a mistress of novices, depicting the triumph of mercy over justice, identifying with Joan of Arc in the mysterious premonition of a similar fate, measuring the depth of unbelief, playing as an actress in a piece that will redouble his test of faith, finally announcing his posthumous mission. > The Little Flower as Joan of Arc


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  3. D

    Image by chrisinplymouth
    Letter D

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