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if my check didnt go through?

  1. if my check didnt go through….wat do they do to the check and what are some reasons it didnt go through

    Answer by Tammy G
    You might not have enought money in the bank to cover it. Call the bank and ask, they will tell you exactly what the problem is.

  2. I gave a cheque to my landrod a week ago today she called me and said that the cheques is returned.
    I checked my account and I have enough money in it.
    What might be the reason that the cheque is returned???

    BTW the amount written in the cheque is the same as my total balance availibe,I mean my balance would be zero if the cheque was cashed. is it the reason???

    Does the bank charges me???

    Answer by Ralph N
    call the bank. check should be good.

  3. How are those checks differ from normal checking account checks?Drop By Promotion involving Casinoluck -

    Answer by CoreyBryant
    Well a credit check will usually check your FICO score and your credit history – do you have credit cards, car payments, etc – these are reported to usually TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

    If a bank decides to check on your checking history – they are usually looking to see if you had any closed checking accounts with a balance. For example, you wrote a lot of bad checks and owe a bank $ 1,200. Most banks wont give you a bank account – they dont want to take a risk that you will do that again (I am not saying you did that, just giving you an example)

  4. I procured a checking account and got my first check book. How can I protect my checks?

    Answer by ebneter_chick

  5. hi
    what is the difference between certified check and personal check
    i see people preferring certified check to get one..does it cost to get a certified check..

    Answer by Danielle
    A personal check is a check you write from your own checkbook. A certified check is a check you get from your bank. They take the funds out of your account immediatly (thats why its certified) and they print it out for you. It usually does cost a fee, but it depends on your bank.

    However! If you ever sell something and someone sends you a certified check, and then asks for money back…this is a scam! Yes, certified checks are gauranteed…but only if they are real. And you cannot tell a real one from a fake one more than half the time. So never cash one and send moeny back to the person who sent it. I cant tell you how many times I have seen that scam!

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