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How Wit Can Help You With Each Other Room

If you want to commit information about certain subjects to memory, it’s best to organize the information in some sort of logical order rather than just trying to cram all the facts into your brain at random. There is evidence to suggest that this type of organizational behavior can help to solidify your memory.

If it is necessary for you to recall information, a useful way to do this is to link the information together. While most people know that linking two related items together makes it easier to remember something, there is also evidence to suggest that dissimilar things can be paired in the same way. For example, if you want to memorize lead’s symbol, Pb, relate it to peanut butter. When you start doing this, it feels weird but it works. Be sure to do some deep breathing exercises at various times during the day. Every hour, take a few deep breaths by just breathing through your nose. This should help you relax, and oxygenate your brain. Having a bit more oxygen supplied to your brain will sustain its sharpness and in turn you will be better able to remember information. For a creative way to remember an important idea, try to think of it as lyrics to a song. Create a tune to go along with it! Consider how easily kids learn the alphabet by singing it. Melodies provide repetition and attraction, so they are easier to grab and memorize. So, next time you need to remember something, sing it. If this is the case, you should take about a 5-15 minute break each hour during your work or study session to give your mind some time to rest and relax. Doing this will improve your mind’s ability to absorb what you’re learning. As you age, you will find your memory may fade. What are some good ways to keep mentally alert as you get older? Read on to find a few ideas that can help you enhance your memory and make it as agile as it used to be.

Paying true attention can go a long way when you try and recall things. Associate new names with a visual image of how they are spelled to help improve your memory. If you’re not sure how to spell someone’s name, ask them. For example, ask, “Is that Chelsea with an A or a Y?” Making a comment about the person’s name can also help you remember it. Address her by name whenever you ask her a question to help commit it to memory.

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