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bulimia or binge and purge anorexia?

  1. i thought i was bulimic for the last couple of months but the other day i heard of like binge and purge anorexia or something along those lines. I generally dont go through the hole uncontrollable binge thing that bulimics go through. a normal day for me is starving for as long as i can and wen i do eat, i throw it up, if i can. sometimes ill eat a normal amount of food, which usualy freaks me out and i throw it up. most of the time. id really appreciate if someone could tell me what i am. and please dont think im doing this for attention, i know i have a problem i just want to kno which one. thankkk youu

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    Only a doctor can diagnose you with an eating disorder, but to me it sounds like you may have anorexia nervosa with bulimic tendencies. However, there are requirements for a diagnosis of either eating disorder so make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

  2. For a while now Ive been having a problem with my eating habits….i tend to binge alot and then when i gain alot of weight i try to stop for a while and go to the gym and Ill lose weight but then i start all over again. Its getting ridiculous and I seriously think I need help. I weigh like 15 more pounds than I did around this time last yr and I need to stop before I start gaining even more.
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    Answer by ccl
    I am going to counseling for the same problem. It helps.

  3. when someone says someone is a binge eater what does that mean???

    Answer by HelloB(:
    When you eat a lot. A LOT. Like, you have no control and you just eat alot of food.

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